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What about the future?

It seems clear to me that I have greater opportunities to minister in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking nations than here in the U.S. As I look forward to the next few years, I hope to be useful speaking in these countries.

Last Sunday I ministered to a Portuguese-speaking church here in Bloomington and felt at ease as God gave me a sense of anointing and fluency.

This week I was assured by Joe Palmer, Bethany's field leader for Brazil, that I can still be effectively used in Brazilian churches. Adriel, director of our missionary sending agency, told me the same thing. I know that the mission needs a person to preach and promote the mission all over the country.

I then received invitations to minister in Aracaju, Sergipe, on the North coast of the country, and in the Southeast African nation of Mozambique, a Portuguese-speaking country I have long desired to visit.